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Naruto Episode 1

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Naruto Episode 1

30 Responses to Naruto Episode 1

  1. jackie says:

    k,i hope someone realizes that with the time line for the episode up farther in the screen, you cant see some of what the characters are saying… -_-

  2. SilencerJ says:

    1st i guess, lol im gonna watch naruto from start again XD

  3. lestat says:

    much better

  4. tyler aka goggles aka emosoul says:

    this is awsome but its japanese>.<

  5. bagga says:

    I’d liked it

  6. malek says:


  7. yassine says:


  8. BlueBird says:

    where’s the mangaaa? D:

  9. Vanessa says:

    Hi Why Don’t You Guys Have It Dubbed Anymore ?

  10. painkiller100 says:

    i whant ramen:D

  11. noobie917 says:

    i like watching naruto shippuden :)

  12. unknown says:

    Geez………..naruto 4 ever

  13. anonim says:

    naruto rock

  14. Luna_kame says:

    1st episode is classic

  15. amen says:

    i like watshing naruto

  16. shahrul says:

    luv naruto….clasiic

  17. med says:

    cool but sad

  18. med says:

    it was great i just wanna say anime 4ever

  19. farman says:

    it is awsm i luv naruto

  20. rechro says:

    i <3 naruto ima narutard lol i like it back in those old naruto days ish too bad tht sasuke turned evil plus bout naruto's childhood

  21. madmoney says:

    naruto is the best

  22. chipmunks says:

    i love naruto #1 fan forever i like itachi naruto and pain

  23. skyrere says:

    why can’t I find the beginning of the Manga?

  24. Wanta126 says:

    I’m already hooked on this show, it seems really cool!

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