Earthquake in Japan | Watch Naruto Episodes

Earthquake in Japan

A massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan at around 2:46pm on March 11 (JST) causing damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami.

Please use the following link for more resources and if you know someone or looking for anyone.

Let us pray for the victims , may their souls rest in peace.

Earthquake in Japan

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  1. Elena-Greece says:

    Praying for everyone’s safety.

  2. paul dial says:

    may god watch over every one and may every one find a place of comfort and safety within their prayers .

  3. Robert says:

    May God watch over those who lost there lives and those who survive. May they all find strength and peace with you.

  4. apm says:

    is there still gona be anime and manga?
    RIP Satoshi Tajiri. He’s the creator of Pokemon and died at the age 45 in japan due to the earthquake. Thank you for a childhood memorys

  5. Deathlocks says:

    Do you guys have any idea why it happen? simply because god wants to lets us know that he exist and letting the human kind to know that do bad things and not following gods 10 commands shall received a devastating punishment in unexpected time or event. for all this years still lots of human being keep doing badly things. like killing, eating fetus, stealing, wars, and many more those are the things god does not like to keep happening. if we still keep on doing this things i guaranteed end of the world will come at any time cuz we all know that gods owns us all his the one who created this world if he will take all want he has created and maybe make a new world. a world of no chaos and full of peace. all we need right now is a new change as quickly possible show god that we fully respect him. that we fully respect the world he made. we must feel and realize that the tragedy in japan is a warning from above……

  6. Alejandro Levy says:

    Instead of maybe “praying” seeing how its useless, maybe we could donate to charities to help them instead? Stop bringing this “god” thing in every time something like this happens, it wasn’t god its just the earth. it wasn’t a punishment, stop using this as an excuse to try to keep humanity in false fear then put them through false hope. so if you want to do something don’t say you will just pray, DO SOMETHING, sitting on your ass and saying a couple of words to yourself, wont bring any help to the people in japan. once people actually start realizing this, our world could finally start to evolve into a better place. But of course most creationists are close minded people, so you would disregard this post, and know what you are speaking about, looks to me like you are a “christian”, but seeing the way to type makes it seem like you are a false christian.
    anyways arguing seems useless in these terms anyway, just trying to prove a point, i would rather just watch my anime….. and of course “pray” for the people of japan.. hahahahaha

  7. ayabrea says:

    The world is changing as its inhabitants are destroying their mother earth. And as a result, mother nature has its own wrath to show how much earthlings have done to her. She gave us tempestuous disasters that man ever known, like earthquake and tsunamis. Many lives, properties and destruction of the environment pays for what we have earned cruelty to mother nature. It is never to late to have some changes on how to treat the Mother earth. We need unity and love of nature to preserve, and we have still time to save our mother earth in order to avoid such ominous disasters.
    We pray for all the souls that they may rest in peace and to all the survivors that they may be able to cope up the trauma and fear and be well enough to continue their lives as a normal ones again.

  8. Elykious says:

    what happaned in japan is devastating and very upseting :(.. i hope my relatives are okay

    also replying to deathlocks… there has to be a balance of good nd evil, yin yang, if there is no balance there is no order.. its the way of life. Also.. it doesnt help that japan are on the foltline or whatever its called so it is quite possible that it is not “gods” doing at all but if that is your belief then i am quite fine with that… but i will stick to the fact that there must be a balance of good and evil, just depends where and how the evil is controlled

  9. b says:

    ohh dam the pokemon creatores dead dam whos gonna makee pokemon now and lets hope that the creator of naruto is still alive (sob)……..

  10. Deathlocks says:

    hmmmm……i respect all comments guys its the way you are born and civilized but believe me or not if evils still comes first than goodness end of the world will come for sure… i agree for praying the souls of the ones who has been innocently hit by this devastating event… i hope that event can make all people around the globe realize that no matter how powerful you are in this world. there is more powerful than you. than can take your life in an instant. the event happen in japan is really part of the nature but i have an strong feeling that god is the one who did it.. my question if you guys are wondering… if god really love us why did he let it happen if he is the powerful of all he can stop that event but he did not right? simply because he wanted to happen that… see i hope you get my point.. everything in this world someone created it i dont have a prof but 100% i believe god exist….

  11. Tahna says:

    I don’t see the point in bringing up peoples religions in this. I am Christian and I’m very well aware that praying won’t help anybody. I have donated money and I hope it helps. I will also pray for those affected, as I believe praying for others as well as donating is selfless. But hey, that’s just my opinion on things.

  12. anomymous says:

    this is to Alejandro Levi: eeww nigga you gay,(and u got the name of a jean).
    I’ll ‘PRAY” for all my niggas in japan, and for that gay nigga “Alejandra”…Oh I mean alejandro LEVI..HOOK ME UP WITH SOME JEANS NIGGA. NAH BUT FOR REALZ MUCH LOVE AND PEACE FOR ALL MY NIGGAS IN JAPAN. ENOUGH SAID

  13. jericho luis says:

    wew… i love u all,, there :))

    always pray.. 2 god :)

  14. cka says:

    I nope my relatives might be alright, These were really traumatic on it’s people and hopefully, especially to the survivor, could recover and move on, from an unexpected tragic earthquake – tsunami happened. It’s quite these disasters were uncontrollable, but if only safety precaution and urgent evacuation were just been made, casualty will be less expected. :(

  15. ramil says:

    did they die i hope not

  16. AceUltimate says:

    the creator of pokemon is still alive and well he tweeted about the false rumor that he was killed and reported being safe.

  17. shams says:

    WE LOVE YOU, praying for every body. GREAT NATION!!! Always survive… Love from afghanistan

  18. shantanu says:

    i pray for every one safety out here………………………..

    !!! The Land Of Rising sun will shine again !!!

    love from India .

  19. marty says:

    may god be with the falling souls of japan and may the mothers take care of there young ones and may the fauthers find the strenth to protect and provide for there families and hope they find food and shelter

  20. comeaux says:

    i hope narutos on time next week

  21. MR-JACY says:

    i am very sorry i just asking will naruto continue showing? RIP jap sorry. i pray to all ur number 1 fan MR-JACY

  22. Pipopy says:

    to many bad people in japan that why they need to be gone

    they kill poor shark for the fin and dolpin if only u see the video what they did

  23. James Paul Cometa says:

    I hope they don’t die because I am really a HUGE fan of POKEMON and NARUTO
    that is so sad I hope japan can recover quickly I pray for all of them . . .

  24. Daden says:

    This world is overpopulated as it is, i just think because we are saving so meny people at the hospitals and those who where supose to die from cancer or other deaseses that whouldn’t be possible to survive in normal cases.

    I think god is just balancing the population and is taking those life that we stole
    that was supose to die, i also think that those who survives the deseases they get got thair life spared because someone else took his life insted. we are not supose to swarm over this planet like minor dots from space, if that one day will happond we allready doomed ourselfs, and it’s fully understandable that our god dosn’t want this planet to be ruined by a overpopulation, also i’d like to add that we are making a huge population in haste, for a few years ago we where 2 biljon people, in just those few years we went up to nearly 7biljon, imagen when you dubble that, then dubble the next one, because thats how it will look if all humans survive.

    altho i agree it’s sad and there is so much heart in me for japan, i may just say that it’s stil very understanding why sometimes this happons.
    one day i think the earth will have to reset, and that day we will all be gone
    and the world will begin from scratch, thats when our precious god, couldn’t change our belives and stop us from digin our own grave, we will all be hungry, when there is 20biljon people suposing to eat food for 6biljon people, will leave us a potato each in hunger. because there wont be room for any food to be made, whouldn’t even be room for all people to live, altho there is alot of space left right now, but one day it will be filled, thats for sure.

    Kind Regards Daden

  25. Ganzorig says:

    I love great Japan… I know you strong people of Japan… You can everything… I’ll be pray to GOD…

  26. mo says:

    its truly sad to hear about japan, and kuwait sends its love, i dont want to seem a jerk but i rly wana know, any idea if naruto will be back up and running anytime soon?

  27. Ching Chong says:

    Lets pray to god so that he can help Japan to recover, Help those who lost their parents, help the homeless ones, Lets pray to god so that he Helps every human now in hard times. Amen!

  28. Anthony says:

    Guys the fighting between Christians and the world isn’t going to help anyone in Japan. Everyone has their own unique principles. God didn’t do this just to flat out punish the world, He has a plan for the ones in Japan and for us around the world. God gave the world an opportunity to come together as nations to unite and cope through this difficult time. He puts us through tough trials because he knows that we can handle these situations.
    Faith without actions is dead. Try to remember that. May God have a covering on the ones who have been affected by this disaster, and may all the love that has been shared be felt by the ones in Japan and their loved ones.
    One Love JC

  29. ido sagie says:

    look at u people u argue on if there is a god when thousands of people are dying and asks if there will be still an anime and manga u shhould be amberesed at yourselfs u hipocrits the only thing we can do is hope for survivors and wait and maybe help if we get the oppurtunity

  30. Bubble beast says:

    Love from Slovenia! All of us anime/manga freaks are thinking about you people all the time! Be safe!

  31. mo says:

    ummm yeah i know… it rly sucks… but anychance i can get a real answer?

  32. Rinnegan says:

    But aren’t you supposed to discuss Manga/Anime on this forum?

  33. prvysage24356 says:

    these arguments are foolish. If it was a memeber of your immediate family…aka your mother, father, brother, or sister; would you feel the same way? would you still say it is God punishing them? Would you still have the same callous point of view? I doubt it.

  34. mo says:

    wow… i love how this dicussion went from anime to japan… u wana discuss japan and religion etc etc go to 4chan or some shit, why here? this is a anime discussion area…

  35. vliinsceel says:

    dattaebayo….i hope japan can recover faster..i miz naruto episodes..

  36. bjerms_zawai says:


  37. arsalan says:

    that earth quick of japan thats result of their un praying to god thats gods power ppl

  38. plop says:

    So much retards speaking of god around here…kinda scary…donate to red cross or other organization that actually DO something, instead of talking to yourselves…

  39. andri says:

    i feel sorry for what happend to them.. i hope they will strong to faced it.
    lets pray for them..hope god gave us the strength.


    The earth quake in japan is warning for not the japan people but for all of the humans present on earth. we have no choice instead of this that we should dispose our bad tings and pray to God that he forgive us all.

  41. zorig says:

    Hey you guys what the hell are you talking about? What god? Are you stupid there is no such thing as god. It is just a horrible earthquake that’s all. Do you guys realize that god is just for people who can’t handle their own problems in result they came up with god who helps them. But this is kind of tool which allows small elite groups to gain power. As for Jesus he was just man trying to be god. Maybe he was a kind man with supernatural powers but that doesn’t mean that he was god who created us. I think in order to thank a guy named himself Jesus they called him God. But i hate people who force others to believe in god. No one created humans we were created by Earth, Evolution, Nature.
    THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Abbas says:

    Its been a terrible disaster indeed in Japan.And i pray for those poor people that may God help them and provide strength to that nation to overcome this horrible earth quake disasters.But on the other hand this incident has affected me in such a way that now i can not watch Naruto episodes :’(…

  43. kapt3n says:

    wish you the best from greece!!!
    i hope all of you be strong and saport each other with!!!!!
    nestoras & tonia

  44. DasshingDanny says:

    well u guys here who think this is work of god tell me smthin whers god when u need him whers god when ur loved ones are killed and if god by any chance did this to japan hes no god of mine

  45. Kitti says:

    I feel very sorry for all the poor devastated innocent people in japan i hope thier familys and friends and them selves find peace and solace in these hard times and i hope thier life rebuilds quickly

    HOWEVER i am veryt glad that this will for short time bring a brief spot of calm to the oceanic wildlife especially whales and dolphins google DOLPHIN COVE

    it is disgusting, it shows how they mercilessly slaughter dolphins not because they HAVE to but because its good buisness and they enjoy it.. if i had my way the people involved would suffer a worse fate than death!

  46. Rajeeb says:

    i hope u people will recover soon and i will pray for everyone’s safety

  47. Rajeeb says:

    i hope Japanese people will recover soon and i will pray for everyone’s safety

  48. trioxide says:

    yes what has happened in Japan is very sad. For all those that left comments about faimly down there i hope the best for you all and that they are okay.

    As to those talking about god …. i dont know what god you are thinking of but i cant see god being that hardcore to hurt all those people. Are you saying that all those people were bad and deserved that. I cant see god doing something like that. Punishing all for what some do ?

    There is time for hate and love but this is not a time for hate so people please stop trashing others believes and ideas just because you think yours is right. give your opinion but in a nice way.

    Lets all just hope for the best and hope that the money people donate gets where it should to those who need it and not where most donations …which is in the pockets of the scammers

  49. hrboiy says:

    I hope they are okay
    best of wishes to jp

  50. brco says:

    People are messing up this world … All this bullshit about praying wont help and atheists know they need to rely on them selves because I m afraid no god is going to help you … I really hate humanity for what they have done to this world and that not alot of people care … This earthquake unfortunately doesnt have anything to do with the climat change or people at all … its just tectonic plates moving under the ocean and japan is just unlucky to be where it is. But I still wonder as every one else : Is there still going to be Naruto show or is it buried under ground along with the creator ?

  51. Deke says:

    I pray that the brave souls who volunteered to stay and combat the reactors will be successful. I pray that as many as possible survived the earthquake and tsunami, and that they are just waiting for help to arrive. I pray that this tragedy will help us all have a deeper love for life, and an even deeper love towards those around us who are in need. I pray most of all for peace in a world gone crazy — and spiritual or not, I don’t think anyone will disagree that our world has been turned upside-down and shaken like a snow globe leaving us all feeling out-of-sorts and out-of-place at times. I don’t believe this tragedy is an act of God, anymore than I did Katrina, or the twisters that routinely ravage our nations mid-eastern states. For those who believe in God – know that he has a day of wrath in store for those who hate him and conspire against his will, but also understand that when it happens it wont leave anyone (not one person – believer or not) wondering who is responsible. As for those who don’t – that is your right, and I wont put pressure on you to think as I do or ridicule you for your disbelief – as I hope you would do for me. To you all – “God go with you.” To the people of Japan – “God is with you. Don’t fear, nor be afraid of what is happening or what is to happen. Be of good courage and know that he that made you… made you strong of heart.”

  52. Annon says:

    Just read what post 26 says

  53. Annon says:

    that’s the heart of a crazy anime fan lol

  54. Annon says:

    I think post 28 pretty much sums it all up ^_^

  55. Justin says:

    Don’t fucking pray , Do something instead. Please stop acting like a fake christian.

  56. Ken says:

    I’m really sorry for what happened to those people in Japan.
    I wished Yamato was there to protect them from the great Tsunami with his wood element barrier

  57. Abdul-Rehman says:

    The earth quake in japan is due to because the people of japan are doing very bad things.the people of japan needs to finish their wrong doing from their country and try to go on right path and please burn your church and please accept the true religion islam.i am a muslim and i am proud to be a muslim.and the person who written post 41 is a real bad person because he has no knowledge of god because he is saying that jesus was a man trying to be god but he is totaly wrong because in the whole bible jesus has not claimed that he is God he is just the prophet of the god.

  58. Noman Tahir says:

    I am very depresed to see the disaster in japan.because this is not the first time in japan the earth quake came in japan .this proves that god almighty is very angry to japan people.why the japan people do not go to right path instead of right path.i pray for them that they turn into a true religion islam allah may bless japan.

  59. Lance says:

    ok person who wrote comment 57 why should you tell someone to burn down their chruch and believe in your religion. its like me saying ok your religion is nothing but crap so forget about that religion and join mine.
    and tell me why you think your religion is the true religion

    Also ever thought other people are proud to be what they are no i dont think you do!

    so in conclusion you are the bad person here who has no knowledge because well… someone with knowledge would not have said something like burn down ur church nd join my religion only a idiot would such as yourself. btw a lot of wars have occured because of people like you saying stuff like that so think before you say (or in this case type).

  60. Ange says:

    i feel sorry for the peps from japans, but praying dosent help at all, god dosent excist, religion is just a way for peps too keep faith, but its all a bunch of crap, if u guys rly wanna help, dont turn to bullshit, give money to the land of japan, praying dosent help, annybody who belives that wont get the chance of helping children, females and males at all.

  61. ijaz ali says:

    pray everyone pray but dont only pray do something to help the situation. take action donate some money or somthing

  62. Ijaz Ali says:

    i really hope naruto and pokemon continue showing these are two of the best anime ever

  63. deathlocks says:

    who ever you are saying that god does not exist i totally laughed at you… hahaha.. let me make this easier ok yeah there is no heavy proof that god exist but in a simple curiosity. who created the planets??? the galaxy??? why earth is so different from other planets??? huh??? do you have answers for that…now how about this demons exist right??? theres have been a true story that demons exist some has been possess by a demon which cause a unexplainable situations.. if theres demon theres also a good that protects us against this… we can never tell what is the history of this world cuz we where born unknowing was has been happen since we where not born yet right??? i have a good sense that we can only know the truth if we die.. you know why? after we die we can now see if its true that hell or heaven exist there you can tell what is all the things in the earth all about where it came from….but for those who don’t believe anything about whats happening to earth right now just shup cuz your just talking nonsense as if you know something alright….. i hope whoever you are… i hope you die cuz you know what i believe that there heaven and hell and when you die i guaranteed you’ll end up in hell where you really belong….. like everyone said always believe on what is imposible….like i said i can guaranteed you’ll se it everything when you die… the regrets is always at the end… ^^,

  64. OMG OG WoLFy says:

    This is a must read……look AT POST 5 n tell me who the hell eats fetus’s LMFAO n i have yet to see a comment about this guy sayin that hahahahahaha but then again im stoned and im not readin all these comments……n to the jean guy ur right prayin prob wont help but im not gonna hate either but donate to japan

  65. w says:

    I am sad i love japan may god be with them

  66. Abdul-Rehman says:

    This is only for the person who wrote no 59 .he is saying that my religion islam is crap i tell you that you are a true ediot.burn your church means please forget your religion.because in the holy Quraan it is mentioned that God will never accept any religion other then islam.thats why i said islam is the true religion.and what are you people doing worship the jesus in your sense he is God or he is the son of God but it is totaly wrong because in the holy Quraan God says please said these people that god is one there is no son of god and the god is not the son of please shut your bloody mouth.and for japan people my message is same as before .my message no 57.

  67. person says:

    deathlocks i find that god does exist i just dont have a religeon because all of them come with so much bs i just cant stand it but i do believe that there is a god…

    but then i ask myself how did god make the univerese nd then im like wait he is god he can do it then im like.. but wait how the hell did he get there

    also thats why i dont like religeons that have hell and stuff it just makes me think if god is mercifull why the hell would he send his “children” to hell its like i am mercifull but ill be merciless and send u to hell… it just doesnt seem right… also that also might of been a way to make people believe nd pray all the time and all that stuff they thought got them into heaven instead of hell.. made the chruch’s and such very powerfull

    but i still believe there is a god

  68. Sidoni says:

    Japan you have our love and support. Our prayers are with you. You didn’t deserve this at all!!! I pray that you overcome this and come back stronger than before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mr lance who wrote comment 59 is very typical person about their religion i want to give them a good piece of advice that we the muslims work on principle of do not say bad things about about any ones religion because they would said bad to your religion .I want to ask you that why you people not obey things present in your book bible because in bible the jesus not even a single time said that He was not the son of god. the concept of trinity is totally wrong. in your own book the order from God is that not to eat pig,cover your females head with cloth and etc . You people do not under stand your own book bible.the islam is the only religion that will cover the world in some decades. inshallah. may you remeber all this about me and my islam.

  70. zimran says:

    Person who wrote comment no 41 is totally wrong he has not even brave heart to wrote his name.God is present in every where. all this nature do not control by its self. even your mother birth you with God permission. why you said god is not present ? you are a man with low intelligence you are a real stupid.

  71. all you idiots are yak and pan chud .lun per charhu all you non belivers

  72. lance says:

    dude that wrote number 66 im not sayn ur religeon is crap but ur saying stop believing in there religeons what im getting at is you dont have the true answer that jesus is the son or not its ur religeons history i guess you can say.. you dont have all the answers by saying oh because my religion says that this happaned and that happaned etc.. guess what it says for christians and other stuff that believing in other gods such as yours is false your telling me that they have to be wrong because you are appearently right? no your not right but i cant say they are ether the only way you can find out is by dying and i dont want to die too soon a

    and btw how am i the idiot by making obvious facts your basically like hitler and the nazi’s not in there physical acts but there mental thinking by saying germany is the only country who is great no one else’s and thats what you are basically saying your saying my religeon is the true religeon and everyone else’s is wrong

    i never said your religeon is crap but what i am saying is you cant tell everyone else there religeon is crap so in actual fact… your saying every other religeon is crap and that is a thousand times worse than what you thought i said so my message to you is dont EVER say other peoples religeon is crap cause when you thought i said yours was crap you were obviously not happy bout that right? so how do you think others feel when you say there religeon is crap or fake the EXACT same way so think before you say

  73. jepe says:

    great cities are bound 2 be destroyed especially advance once as same as what happened 2 atlantis , mesophothamia and babilon. and japan being pioneers of advance technologies i think is next in this line of historical tragedies…

  74. Kiki says:

    Satoshi Tajiri did not die guys. He’s still alive.

  75. Lance says:

    MUHAMMAD NOOR-E-ELAHI MIRZA i do not have a religeon so clearly the typical people you are BUT i do believe that there is a god

    ill just finish off saying i think religeon isnt.. the best… only because it has caused A LOT of wars and deaths….. nd as well as we all know war is a bitch (thats not the only reason why people start wars but it is one of the main reason for past wars nd current)

    nd dont say im intolerent because i do accept all religeons and other things its just my opinion thats all

  76. Anthony says:

    What’s the point of calling it a religion?
    I see Christianity more as a relationship with God and men through Jesus!
    Blessings to the ones in Japan and to the ones that lost loved ones, I hope you guys heal and pick up the pieces and move on with a strong heart.
    Still praying for you guys, One Love JC

  77. ROBERT6581 says:

    People can expect a lot more supposed natural disasters… If ur not familiar with what fracking is become familiar because they are creating fault lines across the planet…
    A slang term for hydraulic fracturing. Fracking refers to the procedure of creating fractures in rocks and rock formations by injecting fluid into cracks to force them further open. The larger fissures allow more oil and gas to flow out of the formation and into the wellbore, from where it can be extracted.

    Fracking has resulted in many oil and gas wells attaining a state of economic viability, due to the level of extraction that can be reached.

    Petroleum engineers have used fracking as a means of increasing well production since the late 1940s. Fractures can also exist naturally in formations, and both natural and man-made fractures can be widened by fracking. As a result, more oil and gas can be extracted from a given area of land.

    unfortunately we have already scraped the frosting of the cake and these big energy companies are digging in further and deeper then ever creating massive fault lines that inevitably cause massive earthquakes tsunamis and unnatural climate changes…

  78. ROBERT6581 says:

    Fracking involves millions of gallons of water filled with chemicals and sometimes radioactive waste, according to opponents. In order to dispose of the waste water, it has to be chemically treated or pumped into waste water wells deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

    Pumping the water deep underground was considered to be an environmentally friendly disposal method until a recent series of earthquakes in Youngstown, Ohio were attributed to these waste-water wells. Other studies indicate that some of this waste water may be entering the water tables. What once had an environmental and political-free reign is now coming under scrutiny.

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