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Naruto Tv Chat Rules
1. Respect other chatango chatters.
2. Be friendly to everyone including the Anons and Moderators.
3. No Racism, Swearing and saying Bad Words. 3 warning and after that =BANNED!
4. No Spamming (Images, Videos). Limit the number of Videos and Images you post.
5. No Advertising OTHER ANIME STREAMING SITES(INSTANT BANNED). Sites for information related to the topic is just ok.
6. Absolutely No Spoilers.(lets respect the other viewers)
7. Avoid ALL CAPS and NO MeSsAgEs LiKe ThEsE.
8. Please speak in ENGLISH ONLY
9. Personal Issues should be dealt with PRIVATELY.

Please register an account… Some people tend to ignore Anons so why don’t you sign up for an account? It only takes less than a minute to register.

Registered Users
Please invite Anons to register. You don’t know that that certain Anon you invited to register is someone whom you’ll gonna be friends with. Besides it’s a much nicer community to see everyone registered. ^_^

Chat Moderators If any mod has problems with the rules I made, then please PM me. I’m just a PM away. ^_^

1. Anyone that is breaking the rules will have 3 strikes needed so that they’ll be silenced. NO MORE GIVING OUT WARNINGS. So if you ban someone, don’t let him or the others know ..

2. If you ban an offender, ban him SILENTLY. Don’t let him or other people know you just banned someone. Also, DON’T tell them you can ban anyone. And if possible don’t tell them your a Moderator too. Any Moderator found to be telling people about his powers and such he will be UNMODDED

3. Ban time for Offending chatters will depend on you an what they did. You judge. But if possible, give them 10 Minutes ban time and then don’t tell them you unbanned him or someone. If they do it again, increase the ban time. If he/sher really won’t stop, then you know what to do.

4. Be friendly to anons, they just need someone to talk to or listen to them. They are just annoying because they haven’t registered and because they can do anything they want because they are anonymous.

5. If there are anons that are enjoying the conversation or even just anons that are saying useless shit, MAKE THEM REGISTER AN ACCOUNT. Don’t ban them right away. Try to talk them out to register. You don’t know that anon you asked to register might be someone you’ll enjoy talking to.

6. Please don’t delete or “poof” messages without a proper reason or just because you don’t like what he said about YOU please… Just ignore them. You know yourself better than anyone else if they say things which can offend you. ^_^

All Moderators are manualy Pick by the Admin,We Can Demod Any Mod If we Receive a Complaints from other MOD,Chatango users


1.Moderators Can Only ban 5 People a Day
2.Moderators should be not pick a fight or curse any other  Moderators ( if i Received a Complaints , We will remove both mods,We dont need  Childish Moderators here..
3.Be a good example to the other Chatango users ,specially the Anons
4.Do not Delete a POOF message without a proper reasons.
5.Do not act like a BOSSY!
6.if you banned someone dont let the other people know
7.Be aware to the Spammers and advertiser ,linking another anime site.Banned him Instantly!
8.The last Rule you should be Follow is….Enjoy The Site :)

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